How it works

It’s simple: Sign up. Add yourself as a letter-writer. Ask for a letter, and approve of a match. Write and receive hand-crafted notes, and confirm you have done so. If you’d like, you can do it again.

You can participate as many times as you like – with new matches each time – and / or continue optional contact with your initial match.

  1.  Sign up for Quarantine Connections via a valid Facebook account, and provide a nick name, address, and bio.
  2. Add yourself as a letter-writer.
    Potential recipients will see your name, Facebook photo (and link), city, state, and bio before selecting you as a match.
  3. Ask for a letter, and approve of your match.
    You can ask for a letter for yourself, or any recipient who has given permission for you to share their address (a parent, sibling, or sick friend, for example). You can specify what you’d like to read about, ask questions, or solicit stories. You choose your letter-writer from a short list of participants waiting to craft notes, viewing their Facebook photo (and link), city, state, and bio. In doing so, you take on all responsibility, as if you had personally given your matched community member your mailing address. (If we do not receive confirmation of postage within 3 days, you can choose another match.) 
  4. Write and receive hand-crafted notes, and confirm you have done so.
    Your selected letter-writer will get your nick name, bio, and the letter request and its address, send you a hand-crafted note within 3 days. You will be notified when it has been sent.
    Conversely, once your profile is selected you will see a different match, and send a letter to that participant.
    • It must be hand-written, and at least two paragraphs – a card, letter, postcard – and contain no objects (stickers, photos, clippings, recipes, or other paper-based articles in a single envelope are OK).
      Please respond to the written prompt from your Quarantine Connections match. Other things you might write include: What are you struggling with? How are you inspired? What do you wish for your recipient?. No politics or religion, please.
    • In the US (where we are initiating this project), you do not need to leave home to mail a letter. You can buy postage stamps online, and USPS mail carriers are required to take outgoing mail when delivering to you.
    • Only include your return address if you would welcome a response.
    • Confirm you have sent your letter within 3 days, and please also let us know when you get yours.
    • Feel like sharing? We want to see, and also get others to join! Please tag your photos with #QCletters on Instagram. The stream is live on our site.
  5. If you’d like, you can do it again. Go back to Step 2, becoming a letter-writer again, and requesting a hand-written note to the same name and address, or a new one; any new requests will match different participants.
  6. You may respond to any senders who write to you if a return address is provided – but there is no obligation. 
    We welcome feedback!

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