• Contact in a time of social distancing

    Quarantine Connections uses hand-written letters to bring distant strangers together, while we are all “staying in place” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Write and receive individually crafted notes in your home.
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  • Send anything that fits in an envelope

    You can write on a postcard, stationary, or paper, include recipes, photos, or clippings. Anything paperbound, in one envelope, and with one stamp.
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  • #QCletters

    Tag photos of your hand-crafted letters with #QCletters on Instagram to be featured on our site, or follow that hashtag to see other participants. (Please don't include anyone's address in your images.)
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  • Who will send me a letter?

    Real people sign up through Facebook. You see and approve of their profile before we release your first name, address, and letter request. Conversely, someone else sees and approves of your profile before you write to them. Each side only sees partial information (physical address OR Facebook information). You are under no obligation to continue any correspondence, and you can participate as many times as you like.
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How might we create a sense of physical connection in a time of social distancing? Quarantine Connections helps us make contact, without touch. Receive a hand-written letter from someone you have never met. Craft one for someone else. Read, write, look, and be seen.
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